What are the requirements to use InstaBuilder ?

  • Web hosting server with PHP 5.2+ installed.
  • WordPress version 3.3+ installed on your server.
  • Basic knowledge on how to install and use self-hosted WordPress blogs.


Is this a WordPress theme?

No, it’s not. InstaBuilder is a WordPress plugin so you can still keep and use your favorite’s WP theme.


Does InstaBuilder compatible with WordPress Multi-Site?

Yes, InstaBuilder is compatible with WordPress Multi-Site .


Can I install InstaBuilder on my clients’ sites?

Yes, but only if you have a Developer license. However, if you don’t have a developer license, then you need to purchase a separate license for each and every one of your clients.


Can I flip my WordPress site(s) that contains InstaBuilder?

Yes, if you have a Developer license. However,  the new site owner(s) must purchase a separate license of InstaBuilder. Otherwise, you have to deactivate and delete InstaBuilder plugin files before you hand your site(s) over to the new site owner(s).


Can I use InstaBuilder to add custom Facebook Page Tabs?

Yes, you can. The latest version of InstaBuilder (1.10) has the ability to turn your landing pages into custom Facebook pages tabs. You can also create a custom Facebook tab with “Reveal” functionality.


Do I need to own a web server with SSL supported (https) to be able to use the custom Facebook tabs feature?

Yes, since Oct 1, 2012, Facebook required all apps and custom page tabs to be hosted on a secure server. Your WordPress site must be able to be accessed via https protocol in order to use the custom Facebook tabs feature. Please note that we do NOT provide SSL certs for your server. However, we provide a guide on how to obtain a free SSL certificate in our members area.

I have an SSL certificate. Can you install it on my server?

No, we can’t. You must contact your host admin to help you installing the SSL cert for your server.


I cannot download InstaBuilder after purchased?

If you are having trouble to access the members area, please contact our support.



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