Terms Of The InstaBuilder JV Leaderboard Contest


  • The Contest period STARTED 13 February @ 12:00am eastern, and CLOSED 27 February @ 11:59pm Eastern.
  • Payments for cash prizes for sales period will occur AFTER the standard Clickbank 60-day refund period.  (This is the total refund period including split pay option payments received.)
  • Sales HAVE to adhere to our expected performance criteria and refund rate expectancy. If any affiliates sale notably fall outside this level then we reserve the right to disqualify them from the eligibility for a prize.
  • We withhold the right to disqualify any affiliate at any time during the investigative period of 60 days, should we feel the contest rules were not abided by, or for any other reason and notice will be given if this is decided.
  • Affiliates HAVE to have reached the required level of sales for each prize. (If they have not, they drop to the prize below it until they will no longer be eligible for the prize.)
  • Cash value will be paid in USD
  • Positions in the leaderboard and prize eligibility are based on sales AFTER refunds
  • If substantial refunds are seen from a particular affiliate during the 60-day refund period – if this changes where they would of positioned in the table, it is entirely up to the discretion of Suzanna Theresia whether she will announce a replacement, and alter the positions to reflect the actual current total after refunds, when refunds during the refund period have been taken into account.



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