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The Product

InstaBuilder lets you create beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with huge functionality at the touch of a button, even if you have no technical expertise at all.

We combines the functionality of dozens of plugins in a 'one stop' solution that takes care of all your Internet Marketing needs.

We have hundred of templates that you can choose from. You have the ability to completely CUSTOMIZE the look and feel of your page... change any elements with just point, click, drag and drop.

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Email #1

Subject: 6000 Marketers Already Use This (And They Are CRUSHING It)
Subject: If you missed this 2 years ago... don't miss it again!
Subject: This might be the last chance you get to snag this...

Hello {name},

I want to share with you the #1 most important lesson in ALL of business.


Here it goes:

Success = Preparation + Opportunity.

In other words...

Success happens when you are in the right place, at the right time, in the right mindset.

Let me give you a really quick example of the importance of this concept:

2 years ago a little plugin called InstaBuilder [INSERT LINK] was launched.

It sold 6000+ copies in just 7 days.

Crazy right?

But here's the even CRAZIER part...

It completely revolutionized the way that people started building sales funnels.

People who were making exactly $0/month were now beginning to see REAL profit from their business...


Because they were at the right place, at the right time, in the right mindset.

And everybody who ignored the plugin... well, they just kept on making that $0/month...

Now, the reason that I am teaching you this today is because InstaBuilder is opening its doors again!

After two years of development, tweaking, and testing with their 6000+ customer base, the owners of InstaBuilder have decided to "go public"...

For the first time EVER you can get access to the NEW AND IMPROVED version of the plugin that completely transformed the sales funnel creation industry...

Check It Out Here >>> [INSERT LINK]

Now, here is your chance to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right mindset.

To your success,


Email #2

Subject: How To "Drag & Drop" Your Way To Success
Subject: Do This One Thing And Watch Your Profits Soar
Subject: This Is How The "Big Boys" Do It

Hello {name},

If you are reading this email, chances are that you aren't a designer.

You probably don't code websites for fun.

The reality is that you are a marketer/entrepreneur.

You just want results.

The money.

And that's probably WHY the money has been so hard to come by lately... am I right?

Here's what I mean:

In order to be successful online you need a sales funnel:

• an opt-in form
• a sales page
• an OTO page
• etc.

But actually trying to BUILD a sales funnel like that (one that actually converts...) is a real pain in the... well, you know.

There's the coding, the design, the integrations, the conversion rate optimization, the split testing, the buy button set up etc., etc., etc.

Unless you enjoy torturing yourself, chances are your current sales funnel (if you have one) isn't doing what you would HOPE it should be doing (which is making you sales on a consistent basis).

And that's a problem...

Well, today you are in LUCK because one of the most popular, well respected, and easiest to use page builder plugins is opening its doors again for the first time in 2 years!

Check it out here >>> [INSERT LINK]

Imagine being able to literally CLICK & DRAG your way to a robust, high converting sales funnel... all from the comfort of your very own Wordpress blog.

That's right, if you can click around on a screen... you can now design cash pulling sales funnels one page at a time.

But don't take my word for it, just check out some of the things customers of the plugin are saying:

Hear their stories here >>> [INSERT LINK]

If you've ever wondered how to build sales funnels that make you sales day in and day out... this is how.

To your success,


Email #3

Subject: The Secret To A High Converting Sales Funnel
Subject: [REVEALED] The Difference Between Your Sales Funnel And Mine
Subject: If Your Sales Funnel Isn't Converting... This Is Probably Why

Hello {name},

Let's talk sales funnels.

If you want to make money online, it all starts with the sales funnel.

From opt-in page to sales page to OTO to thank-you page.

Seems simple enough right?


Sales funnels that convert have:

• scarcity timers
• mobile responsive design
• double (and even triple) opt-ins
• AR integration
• expensive looking design
• CVO elements built right into their structure
• and much, much more..

Good sales funnels are well constructed and rely on ALL of the conversion tricks of the trade.

But how do you get something like that without having to shell out HUGE bucks for an overpriced copywriter, a snobby designer, and a flaky programmer?


You use InstaBuilder. [INSERT LINK]

Imagine being able to create sales funnels with the click of you mouse that had ALL of that good stuff that I listed above... AND MORE!
Just think of what that could do for your business to have a REAL sales funnel (the same kind of sales funnel that the 7 figure marketers have).

Sounds great doesn't it?

Well, you CAN have it all because 6000+ smart marketers ALREADY HAVE!

That's right, InstaBuilder has already been proven by over 6000+ marketers just like you to be a valuable resource for creating huge profit windfalls for their business.

And now you can get access to it yourself here >>> [INSERT LINK]

Don't waste time on this offer. The last time InstaBuilder was available to the public it was only open for purchase for 7 short days.

And that was two years ago.

Act now and start building high converting sales funnels from scratch!

To your success,


Email #4

Subject: People Are Leaving Leadpages... This Is Why...
Subject: If you pay a monthly fee to create high converting landing pages... STOP!
Subject: Cancel Your Subscription. This Is Much Better.

Hello {name},

What's cheaper?

$19.95/month for 2 years...


$77 once?

(HINT: It's the second one...)

Now, what if you were getting FEWER features from the $19.95/month service than the one time $77 payment?

Sounds awesome, right?


And yet, this is the EXACT scheme that most "point & click" page building companies are running.

They want you to pay a monthly fee for "hosting" while constantly asking you to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade just to get ANY of the features and functions that you REALLY need to build robust and high converting sales pages.

It's crazy town.

And that's why I am sending you this email today.

Because I just found out that you can get EVERYTHING that those monthly subscription services offer in a robust sales funnel page builder...

• scarcity timers
• mobile responsive design
• double (and even triple) opt-ins
• AR integration
• expensive looking design
• CVO elements built right into their structure
• and much, much more..

For just $77.

Don't believe me? Check it out here >>> [INSERT LINK HERE]

Over 6000+ other marketers have already made the switch (because it's a dang good deal) and already those marketers have generated THOUSANDS of dollars per day in revenues because they switched to a more affordable, more robust drag and drop visual page editor.

No, you aren't dreaming, and yes, this email is 100% legit.

Check it out for yourself >>> [INSERT LINK]

Grab this deal before time runs out. The last time InstaBuilder was open to the public they had to close it down after just 7 days because they got SO MANY ORDERS.

To your success,


Email #5

Subject: 32 Reasons You Are Failing In Your Online Business
Subject: The Checklist Of The Year Is Here
Subject: Can Your Page Builder Do These 32 Things?

Hello {Name},

We throw the words "blueprint" & "checklist" around a lot.

"Get the Blueprint for blah, blah, blah..."


"The step-by-step checklist to blahtown..."

Now, most of those "blueprints" and "checklists" are somewhat helpful.

But every once in a while, there comes along a TRUE "checklist" of sorts. Something that you can literally print off and mark with a pencil each and every step of the process.

"Blueprints" like this are rare, but when they do show up they can have a profound impact on the way you do business.

But here's the crazy part...

Sometimes these "checklists" don't appear as "checklists" per say.

Sometimes they can appear as a blog post.

Sometimes a Youtube video.

And sometimes...

A sales page.

Now, this is going to sound crazy, but the people over at InstaBuilder have just released their new sales page for their "drag & drop" sales funnel creator (the one that over 6000 marketers are using right now)...

And I have to tell you...

If you need a "checklist" for your sales funnel (to make sure you are getting the highest conversions possible) you NEED to read that letter.

Here is the link >>> [INSERT LINK]

I'm not even joking right now.

Get out a pen and piece of paper, go to the sales page, and go through all 32 of those points.

If your sales funnel isn't taking advantage of EVERY SINGLE ONE of those conversion boosting tactics... then your funnel isn't performing like it should.

And what's worse...

If you are currently (or have paid in the past) for a page building software program that doesn't deliver all 32 of those points...

Then you are losing money BOTH WAYS.

So go do it. Take the 5 minutes to give yourself a spot check.

Here is the link again >>> [INSERT LINK]

I'm not sure that they are going to leave this sales page up forever, and you will seriously regret not taking a peek at this free "checklist."

So, go do it!

To your success,


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