Everything you need in one place
InstaBuilder lets you create beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with huge functionality at the touch of a button, even if you have no technical expertise at all.

We combines the functionality of dozens of plugins in a 'one stop' solution that takes care of all your Internet Marketing needs.


New User Interface (Slick UI).
The new InstaBuilder comes in a modern, slick and user friendly UI that makes creating landing pages a whole new experience in terms of ease and convenience of use.

Easy To Use - Drag and Drop Visual Editor.
Our visual editor makes it super easy to design your landing page or customize any of our existing templates.  Just drag and drop the elements to the place on your page you want them to. The elements are contained in a flexible palette that you can collapse, expand and move around for a much better user experience.

100% Responsive.  
InstaBuilder 2.0 makes all your landing pages look great on all devices, automatically.  We also include a feature that allows you to view your pages in different devices and orientations at the convenience of one browser window. You are assured that all of your pages and the corresponding elements therein will perfectly fit in whatever device it will be viewed.

Over 100 Templates To Choose From.
InstaBuilder 2.0 comes with a wide selection of easy-to-customize templates for Squeeze page, Mini Squeeze pages, Video Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Video sales pages, Launch Pages, Webinar pages, Thank You pages, Download Pages, Upsell pages, Coming Soon page, and more.

Text Formatting.
You have complete control over your fonts and typography without having to know any css coding.  You can change your style in just a few clicks and our live preview shows you exactly how your new font and style will look on the web.  In addition, you can change your style using built-in format elements such as Inline, blocks, text style, Font Weight, Bullet, Drop Caps, Highlight, etc.

Custom Elements. 
You can add text, images, videos, buttons, boxes, column, tabbed content, navigation, Today’s Date, facebook comment, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and a lot more to your pages in just a few clicks.  You can change/edit everything - borders, colors, size, shadows, add animations, etc

Combo Elements. 
InstaBuilder 2.0 takes creating landing pages to a whole new level of ease and convenience. With the combo element, you will be able to select multiple elements and bring them all in in the content area where you can customize and edit the contents just as you prefer.

2-Step Opt-in Technology.  
InstaBuilder 2.0 incorporates two-step opt-in technology that converts better than the traditional way of list building. The two-step opt-in approach works by prompting the user to complete an action before being able to access the opt-in form unlike the traditional way where the opt-in form is readily available.

3-Step Opt-in Technology.  
Apart from the two-step opt-in technology, InstaBuilder 2.0 also offers the three-step opt-in approach. It allows more user interaction by allowing them to take action through the initial two steps before actually revealing the opt-in form in the final step of the process.

Questions Optin.
The questions opt-in is yet one of the great features of InstaBuilder 2.0 where you can integrate a survey to your landing page. You can add add up to 5 questions and answers and offer an optin form right at the end of the survey as well as other elements like videos, buttons, etc.

Welcome Gate.
InstaBuilder 2.0’s welcome gate feature allows you to setup a landing page before being able to access a specific post or page for the first time. This is one great approach to build your list so make sure to get your opt-in form into it.

Pre-made Background Pattern.
Save yourself the trouble of searching for the best background images and patters that you can use for your landing pages. InstaBuilder 2.0 offers a good number of pre-made background patterns you can choose directly on the visual editor.

1-Click Image Background Search
Generate any stunning image background with our 1-click image search function.

Built-in Image Editor.
InstaBuilder 2.0 proudly introduces on of its coolest feature, the built-in image editor powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK. Give your images that artistic and professional look and touch right on the visual editor where you build your landing page.

Built-in Marketing Graphics.
Choose from a wide range of pre-made marketing graphics and use it however you in building and editing your landing pages.

Advanced Statistic and Analytic Feature.
InstaBuilder 2.0 offers advanced statistics and analytic feature that allows you to check not just the performance of your landing pages but also more in-depth details such as the traffic sources and the location of where the traffic is coming from.

Split Testing.
Split Testing in InstaBuilder 2.0 has been made even better and more advanced. Now, you can easily and conveniently create and manage different variations of pages to implement a test which of the pages is the most effective in achieving the website’s goals. Using the advanced statistics and analytic feature equipped in InstaBuilder 2.0, you can check which one converts better and switch to the best performing page thereafter.

Exit Traffic Redirection.
Add exit pop ups or redirection in just a few clicks.  There isn’t a better way to turn “on the fence” visitors into buyers than having an offer on exit.

Time Delayed Content.  
Have you ever seen those sales pages where the buy buttons pop up at the end of the video?  Or you want to have certain element appear at a specific time?  Well now you can. Our time delayed content option enables you to display any content at any time of your choosing.

Scarcity Builder.
InstaBuilder 2.0 offers you Scarcity Builder. This feature can help you improve your visitor's approach to your landing pages and offers by adding urgency to what you have to offer. Use this feature to display a banner right into the footer section of the page that you can style however you want. Furthermore, you can customize the contents of the section by adding and managing other elements you prefer.

Count-Down Timer (Fully Customizable).  
This is another great feature to create a sense of urgency as the ticking clock will provide the motivation your prospects need to ‘act now’.  InstaBuilder 2.0 also offers you the flexibility to customize it according to your needs. You can customize the design and layout of your countdown timer however you want it and set the corresponding action once the timer reaches its expiration.

Social Sharing.  
Boost your landing page’s presence through InstaBuilder 2.0’s social sharing element. Let your visitors spread your page on the 4 leading social media sharing sites today. Additionally, you have the option to set the element to show counters next to each icon to show its growing popularity and shares on the social sharing sites.

Notification Bar
InstaBuilder 2.0’s notification bar allows you to implement an attention-grabbing bar across the top of your page that you can to deliver important announcements, news and even offers.

Animation/ Dynamic Elements (text, box, button).
InstaBuilder 2.0 incorporates the option to add animation to selected elements of your landing pages adding a touch of modern approach and interactivity to your pages.

Publish to HTML.
InstaBuilder 2.0 is not just all about wordpress pages and posts. It also has the feature that offers you the option to render your landing page into HTML version for whatever purpose you would like it to use.

Publish to Facebook.
With InstaBuilder 2.0, you can publish your created landing page directly into your dedicated facebook page with just a click. All you need to make sure is you have the right credentials in the integration settings and you are ready to roll.

Save Template.
Create your own template from scratch or save the landing page you just created for future use with InstaBuilder 2.0’s Save Template option. This allows you to keep a copy of the landing page along with the elements and settings, then make it available with the rest of the default templates on template selection and change template option.

SEO Options.
The landing pages created through InstaBuilder 2.0 now comes with built-in SEO options. You have the flexibility to customize each of your landing pages to make it more SEO-friendly or however you would like it to look in the eyes of search engine bots.

Easy Autoresponder Integration
It doesn't matter what autoresponder you’re using, because as long as the autoresponder you are using provides you the HTML code to place on your website it will be compatible with our system.

InstaBuilder 2.0 supports GoToWebinar integration to your landing pages to register attendees to your scheduled webinar(s).

Duplicate Templates.
The duplicate feature of InstaBuilder 2.0 allows you to generate not just a copy of an existing page but also with the different elements in the visual editor (except for the three-step opt-in and survey element). This feature makes creating and editing pages much easier and faster.

InstaBuilder 2.0 introduces the grouping feature that allows you to create a group according to your criteria and put together all relevant landing pages in it. It is a very useful and convenient approach in managing all related landing pages.

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, TOS Page Generator
Need not to spend anymore hours to create contents for your disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of service page. InstaBuilder 2.0 makes creating these pages a swift with the Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and TOS Page Generator. Just a few clicks and tweaks, you will be able to generate a personalized content for your disclaimer, privacy policy and TOS page.

Funnel System (Upgrade Option).
The Pro Upgrade includes advanced features to quickly build out your entire marketing funnel. You will also receive new templates each and every month.  (new design for the entire funnel; squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, launch pages, etc).
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